Personal lubricants are indispensable for certain couples and individual which would certainly have a difficult time during sexual intercourse or masturbation. One of the main concern with low quality lubes is that they are irritating and dry out pretty quickly. There are a lot of options on the market which makes finding the best lube for sex not so easy, but this resource  is a one-stop-shop, to help you save time and find the best personal lubricant that fits your needs. (P.S. This guide is for lube in general, if you are specifically looking for the best lubricant for anal sex – check out this guide).

Top 5 Best Lubes for Sex List

Passion Lubes
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Nooky Lube
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Pjur Analyze Me
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K-Y Personal Lubricant Jelly t
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The Different Types of Lube for Sex

Water based lubes are compatible with even the most sensitive of skins. The main ingredient is water, but there are a few additives to give the slippery wetness that you need. Most of these lubes avoid the use of glycerin and parabens to lower the chance of yeast infections. Water based lubes are great for silicone toys and with latex condoms. They can not be used in the shower, hot tub, or any other watery environment.

Silicone based lubes use a combination of proprietary chemicals to provide their unique slipperiness. The main theme is that silicone is used to allow the lube to last as long as you do. Silicone will degrade most toys and is not compatible with latex. It can also promote yeast infections in women who are prone to them. On the other hand, they can be used anywhere you need them: hot tub, shower, outdoors…

Oil based lubes use either all-natural oils such as coconut oil or petrochemicals to create a super slick lubrication that often heats up with friction. Oil breaks down most condoms and damages the majority of sex toys. Oil based lubes have been linked to vaginitis in some women. Most gynecologists recommend using oil based lubes for anal sex only. They can also be hard to clean up afterward.

Review of our Best Lubes for Sex

Passion Lubes

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Passion Lubes is a great water based lube for most uses. It is free of glycerin, pigment, and sugars, so it will not stain your fabrics or promote yeast infections. It is a good personal lubricant to use with toys and during anal or vaginal sex. All you need is a little bit of warm water and some soap to clean it up, so it is a great lube for those quickies away from home.

Passion Lubes does have a few drawbacks. It is not a good choice during oral sex because of its bitter taste. Since most water based lubes are readily absorbed by your body, they are not the best option for a marathon session.


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Astroglide is probably the most recognized name in the sex industry. It is a brand that is readily available at the corner pharmacy. Astroglide provides a long lasting uber-slick lubrication for vaginal, anal, and self-play. While it is water based, it has much more staying power than the majority of the lubes in the category. It does not leave the gummy residue that many silicone and oil based lubes do. As an added bonus, Astroglide can be used for a short time in the shower or tub, where other water based lubes will fail.

On the downside, Astroglide provides its long lasting lubrication by adding a small amount of glycerin; however, the yeast infection concerns of glycerin are offset by Astroglide’s slightly acidic base. The company markets a glycerin free version in a green bottle as opposed to the easily recognized purple container. This version uses xylitol instead of glycerin to maintain the ultimate slipperiness.

Nooky Lube

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Nooky Lube may not be as well known as Astroglide and Passions Lubes, but it should be. It is a great water based lube that is very conscious of the human body. It is petrochemical, glycerin, parabens, and sugar free. Since these are the major perpetrators in yeast infections, you can see how Nooky Lube may be the best sex lube, from a pure health point of view. Nooky Lube is also tasteless for oral sex enthusiasts.

While it may sound as if Nooky Lube is perfect, it does have one drawback. It drys quickly, forcing you to reapply frequently. Admittedly, this is common with water based lubes, but Nooky Lube drys more quickly than others in the group.


Pjur Eros Bodyglide

Pjur Eros Bodyglide review

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Pjur Eros Bodyglide is a silicone based lube that is probably the slickest low viscosity personal lubricant you will find. It is a perfect fit for anyone who spends a lot time engaged in water sport.

Being silicone based, it can be difficult to clean up and may stain some fabrics. It should not be used with condoms and most toys. Despite these drawbacks, this may be the best lube for anal sex available if you do not need a desensitizer.

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

pre seed lubricant

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Pre-seed is a specialty lubricant that is quite versatile. It is a water based lube that does not contain any spermicidal ingredients. It was originally designed to be used by couples who are trying to conceive, but experience vaginal dryness or painful intercourse. It can be applied to the penis or the vagina, but was intended to be used inside the vagina. The versatility of Pre-Seed comes from the fact that it is compatible with latex and polyurithane condoms. It is safe to use with sex toys, can be used during anal and oral play, and it is easy to clean up with warm water and soap.

The major drawback to Pre-Seed is that it drys quickly. Further exacerbating the dry out factor is that it comes in a small package. Where the other lubes on this list come in 5 oz or larger packages, Pre-Seed only offers a 1.4 oz tube. Given the dry rate of this lube, you may only get three to four encounters from each package. When you are trying to conceive, that is only about one week of activity.

Hopefully this guide will help your clear up your mind so you can get the best lube for sex. However it always comes down to personal preference and your sensitiveness to the ingredients of each. Read Amazon reviews to help you further.

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