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Toys are great fun, and so is lube. Together, these products can turn an average night into a great one. Unfortunately, not all lubes are safe for toys. Some lubes destroy expensive toys, and the deteriorating products can actually become dangerous for users. Lube and toys are great together, but it’s important to check for safety before you play. Here’s our guide to finding the best lube for toys.

How to Recognize Safe Lube for Toys

The trick to recognizing safe toy lubes is to check their base. Oil based lubes are never, ever safe for toys, and the best lubes for toys are always water based. Water based lubes are the easiest to clean, which means you don’t have to use dangerous chemicals that could harm you or your toys for cleaning. Water based lubes are also extremely unlikely to corrode toy materials. Even soft materials are safe with water based lube.

Some silicon lubes are also safe for toys, but not all silicon lubes get the green light, and not all toys work well with silicon. If you use hard toys, including hard plastic, rock, or even wood, silicon lubes should be safe. They keep things nice and slick. However, strange as it may sound, silicon lubes don’t play well with silicon toys. The lube and the toy will try to join together, which makes the outer layers of the toy effectively melt. As a general rule, you should never use silicon lubes with soft toys, as most soft or squishy toys are at least partially silicon.

We want to give you more than basic guidelines, though. Below is a short list of some of the best, toy-safe lubes on the market. We’ve included everything you need to know to get shopping, including features, feedback, and pros and cons lists.

Recommended List For The Best Lube for Toys

Personal Lubricant by Lynk Pleasure Product Review

best lube for toys


This water based lube is perfect for men and women alike. It is entirely glycerin and paraben free, making is not only comfortable, but safe. It is designed to match the body’s natural lubricant, and is designed for long lasting performance. The lube has a thick, silky texture, but if you need it to last longer, it’s easy to reactivate during use by adding a tiny amount of water or spit. Since it’s stain-free, it’s easy to clean up, too.

Customer Sentiment

Previous buyers often claim to have found this lube after experimenting with other brands, and they enjoy not only the consistency, but the price of this product. Users found the consistency was a perfect balance. It wasn’t too runny, and it wasn’t as thick as a gel. Several previous buyers specifically described using this product with toys, and they found it worked incredibly well. It allowed easy motion and quick clean up. Very few users had any kind of discomfort while using the product, and it’s unclear if the product was truly to blame.


  • Consistency
  • Price
  • Water based
  • Stands out compared to other brands
  • Testimony that it works well with toys


  • A few complaints about discomfort
  • One or two users found the bottle too large to easily grab

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Passion Lubes Toy Cleaner and Lubrication Combo Set Product Review


The lube is a water based product that is both glycerin and paraben free. The Natural Vibrator Lube in the set is designed for long lasting play, and is specifically formulated for use with toys. The cleaner that comes in an attached bottle is a gentle antibacterial product that allows you to clean toys after use without compromising their materials. Triclosan kills bacteria gently, protecting both you and your toys.

Customer Sentiment

Users with sensitive skin praised this product. They enjoyed using the lube, and found the cleaner worked very well. Even accidental spills did not stain, and clean up was as easy as promised. Neither of the two products felt especially greasy to the touch. The lube and cleaner are both scentless, and claims of irritation were rare and unverified.


  • Two-in-one product
  • Specifically formulated for toys
  • Strong user testimony
  • Water based
  • Easy to clean and non-staining


  • Some potential irritation
  • Not all potential buyers approve of triclosan

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Sexual Lubricant by Healthy Vibes Product Review


This lube actually helps stimulate the production of natural lubrication, which makes it especially great for post-menopausal women and others who struggle with dryness. It is water based and stain free. It won’t mark sheets or clothes. This lube is sugar, paraben, and sulfate free, which helps prevent sensitivity issues while easing clean up. It’s also scent and taste free. All the ingredients are simple, and the lube is designed for use with partners or any kind of toy.

Customer Sentiment

Previous buyers who favor light, watery lubes loved this product. They found it was slightly thicker than water, but it wasn’t as sticky and dense as gel. Thanks to the product’s contents, it didn’t leave users feeling sticky or itchy after use. As the manufacturer promised, it works especially well for women after menopause, though many younger buyers also attested to the lube’s comfort.


  • Increases natural lubrication
  • Sulfate-free
  • Water based
  • Favored by fans of watery textures


  • Not as popular with men
  • Texture not enjoyed by fans of thicker lubes

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Final Thoughts

Picking the right lube is an intensely personal process. Experimentation can be fun, but you need to make sure your lube is safe before you test it on yourself and your toys. When it doubt, go with water based lubes for your toys. Water based lubes are the least likely to irritate your sensitive skin, and they are by far the safest products to use on any kind of toy. If you like very hard, old school toys, you may be able to use silicon, but it’s still safer to go with water based lubes. There’s nothing worse than realizing you just melted a toy that costs hundred of dollars.

Of the lubes above, your selection will depend a lot on your personal tastes. Healthy Vibes is most popular with women who enjoy lubes that feel more like water than gel. Passion Lubes is very efficient, and would be a great, sexy gift for the sanitary-minded lover in your life. The Lynk Pleasure lube had the best overall feedback, however, and seems to have a good, mid-range consistency. The good news is, they’re all safe for you and your toys.

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