Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant?

Maybe you are searching for the right personal lubricant or just ran out of your usual product and are too into the moment to run to the store for more. Either way, you are looking at a bottle of baby oil and wondering, is this a good lubricant? It sure is slick enough, but it is marked for external use only. Let’s have a quick look at whether or not baby oil is safe to use as a sexual lubricant.

Pros of Baby Oil During Sex

Two of the best aspects or baby oil are that it is inexpensive and readily available. You never have to search far to find a bottle for less than $3. Baby oil is also a very versatile product. When not using it for fun, you can use it as a moisturizer and skin protectant.

When you are using it for a ex lube, it provides a super slippery barrier between skin, that will not interfere with sensations. Since it is an oil, your body will not absorb it. That means a long-lasting lube that you will not have to reapply at the height of pleasure.

Reasons To Avoid Baby Oil As A Lube

There are few pros of using baby oil as a lube, but there is a litany of cons. The first being that baby oil harbors bacteria and promotes the growth of yeast in the vagina. Some statistics show that women who use lubes that are petroleum or oil based have a fifty percent higher chance of having frequent yeast infections or contracting bacterial vaginosis. Since both can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, you can see how baby oil should never be inside a vagina.

The next issue you should be aware of is that baby oil destroys latex, rubber, polyurethane, and gels. In a matter of minutes it can cause latex or polyurethane condoms to break. If you use it on rubber, latex, or gel toys, it will break the material down so that your toy feels tacky and disgusting no matter how often you clean it.

Lastly, you should be aware that baby oil is difficult to clean up after sex and stains all types of fabric. Baby oil will stain your underwear, lingerie, and sheets. No one wants to deal with a brownish colored crotch in their intimate clothing. After sex, you will need to use warm water and a mild soap just to get the oily feeling to go away. It may take some scrubbing. Soap and scrubbing can lead to skin irritation.

Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant: The Bottom Line

You should never use baby oil as a vaginal or anal lubricant. There are just too many risks involved, especially with so many other options available. Water-based lubricants are best for vaginal intercourse and with toys. You should try a product like Pink Water. For anal intercourse, you can try Astroglide.

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