Can You Use Vaseline As Lube?

Whether you choose to agree or not, personal lubricants are quite indispensable to most couple and individuals who have difficulties during sexual intercourse or masturbation. Vaseline is an oil based lubricant made of 100% petroleum jelly which is used for many things including sex. Although not as effective as a full fledge personal lubricant, vaseline is a great backup when you run out of your lube stock. That being said no one lube is perfect, and considering the price it might be worth your while. Below are the pros and cons of using vaseline as a lubricant.

vaseline as lube

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  • It is cheap and easily accessible
  • It is thick making it vital for lubrication
  • It is hydrophobic in other words; it does not dissolve in water.
  • It has a smooth texture enhancing pleasure
  • Has a sticky effect making it efficient as it does not flow
  • It lasts longer just like the silicone-based lubricants


  • As much as it is smooth and thick, it is normally not slippery compared to other lubes
  • It breaks down the latex condoms
  • It is messy, sticky, and very hard to clean

Best Alternative for Vaseline

There are varied lube options available to ensure you continuously enjoy intercourse. There are water based lubes which are quite compatible with those that have sensitive skin. Although it has water as the main ingredient, there are certain additives that give it that we feel. In most cases lubes try to avoid using parabens and glycerin so as to lower the level of yeast infection. On the other hand, the use of latex condoms with water based lubes works fine.

The silicon based lubes employ a combination of proprietary chemical that gives them their unique slipperiness. The central idea behind the silicon is to enable the lube to last longer as you do. Silicon is known to degrade the use of toys and is not compatible when using latex condoms. Those women who are prone to yeast infection stand a greater chance when using this latex. What’s fascinating about silicon based lubes is that they are can be used anywhere from the shower, outdoors, tubs and so on. The oil based lubes are often linked to virginities and is perfect for anal sex although they might be hard to wash up.

The Best Lubes for Sex

Passion Lubes

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Passion lubes have for a long time been the best solution for those who find it hard to have sex without a little bit of lubrication. It’s one of the best water-based lubes available in the market and is free of paraben and glycerin. Given that they are light and super slippery, it’s compatible with almost all types of latex and is much easier to use. If you are having sexual intercourse multiple times in a day, then it’s worth re-applying. Those who love quickies, this might be your best choice given that you only need a little bit of warm water and soap to clean. Also, it’s not recommended for use during oral sex due to its bitter taste.


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Based on reviews from most of its users, Astroglide offers the best water lube due to the silky formula that is PH. Balanced, odorless and petroleum free, it’s the best choice for most people. The downside is that it has a slight bitter-sweet taste which might not be good for oral sex. It’s also a recommended short-term relief for vaginal dryness by most physicians. That said, it provides lasting uber-stick lubrication for self-play, anal, and virginal intercourse. While other lubes might leave a gummy residue behind the same case does not apply to this lubricant.

The only disadvantage is that it provides for long-term lubrication with an addition of glycerin; however this might lead to yeast infection in the long run. The manufacturers have developed a glycerin free version of the same, so it’s important to check on the bottle to avoid slipperiness.

Nooky Lube

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The Nooky Lube might not be popular as compared to Astroglide or passion lubes. Aside from the two lubes the Nooky Lube is very conscious of the human body. It’s free from glycerin, petrochemicals and parabens that are the primary cause of yeast infection. Unlike other lubes that have a bitter taste, Nooky is best for oral sex since it’s tasteless. On the downside, it’s known to dry out pretty fast which forces you to reapply constantly.


Despite the fact that lubes possess their advantages and disadvantages, it’s upon each one to be cautious and get informed before settling on which one to use. On the other hand, if you opt for oily lubes or use Vaseline as lube, it all trickles down to personal preferences and the sensitivity of each ingredient. If it works for you then go for it, if it doesn’t then it’s better to let it go

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