Coconut Oil Lube: Everything you need to know!

Coconut oil is quickly becoming a go to cure-all. Ayurvedic medicine touts its use in removing toxins from the body and promoting healthy gums. Cooks espouse its properties as a cooking oil to add flavor in an all natural way. Then there are its uses for skin care and in the bedroom. In the bedroom, coconut oil lube is an all natural alternative for women who experience dryness and discomfort during intercourse, while it can also be used as an uber-slick lube during anal sex. Despite its versatility, coconut oil lube may not be the best option for everyone. To help you make a well informed decision, we have listed some of the properties and drawbacks of coconut oil.


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Coconut oil lube is obtained by pressing coconut meat at room temperature to extract the oils that create the base. The oil can be sold as is or added to other all natural ingredients to create a firmer paste of sorts. If you purchase the paste, all you need do is hold it in your hands and it will warm enough to return to an oil form. The oil is a great moisturizer that can be applied anywhere on your body. It will help repair dry, irritated skin. It is an awesome nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers because it is safe for babies to ingest.

On to the Bedroom

The first use you should consider for coconut oil lube is for a full body massage. If you place your oil in a container of warm water, it will immediately liquify and the warmth will help your partner relax. You can work the oil into your skin, so that you do not have an overwhelming oily feeling afterward. Once you are both in the mood, you can use coconut on some sex toys. Since oil can break down silicone, rubber, and some gels, you will want to use coconut oil on your glass or metal toys only. Since coconut oil is safe to eat, you can feel free to indulge in the oral sex that you and your partner enjoy. When you can not stand another moment of foreplay, coconut oil can be used during vaginal or anal intercourse without irritating your skin. It provides a super slick coating, even in water and it will last longer than either of you will.

Drawbacks of Coconut Oil Lube

Coconut oil lube is a great all-natural option in the bedroom, but it is not perfect. It has three main drawbacks. First, it is not compatible with latex condoms. It is; however, safe to use with polyurethane condoms. Second, like most oils, it can stain your fabrics, so your sheets and sexy outfits may suffer. Lastly, since oils are not completely absorbed by your skin, you are going to have a residue after sex. While some warm water and soap will clean coconut oil quickly, the residue can be a nuisance if you are enjoying fun time in an adventurous locale.

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