Find the best flavored lubes: Top 5 List

Flavored lubes have one purpose: to add spice to your love life. The scents can fill the entire room and the variety of flavors is astounding. Some offer a warming sensation to help you reach new heights of pleasure, while others can numb your throat to improve your performance. With flavored lubes, you do not have to pigeon-hole yourself. You can try a different flavor each week if you want. Here are five of the best flavored lubes on the market today.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Flavored Lubes

WET Body Glide
Water Based$$Click here to see prices on
Astroglide Personal Lubricant
Water Based$$Click here to see prices on
Doc Johnson Goodhead
Water Based$$Click here to see prices on
System Jo Cherry Burst Flavored Lubricant
Water Based$Click here to see prices on
Rain Personal Lubricants
Water Based$Click here to see prices on

Review of the Best Flavored Lubes

WET Body Glide – Kiwi Strawberry

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WET Body Glide is a water based lube that is compatible with latex condoms and all of your toys. It is pigment free so it will not stain your fabrics. It is also sugar-free, so it will not promote yeast infections. It offers a super-slick lube for any situation and a light flavor that is perfect for oral encounters.

On the down side, it contains glycerin and aspartame. Glycerin can promote yeast infections in women who are susceptible and some people are allergic to aspartame.

Astroglide Sensual Strawberry

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Astroglide is one of the most easily recognized personal lubricants in the business. Astroglide Sensual Strawberry is a water based lube that offers a light scent and just enough flavor to keep your partner licking. All Astroglide products provide an uber-slick lubrication that lasts as long as you.

Astroglide provides the lubrication that buyers enjoy by adding glycerin. Astroglide negates the yeast issues by making its formula slightly acidic.

Doc Johnson Goodhead 5-Pack

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The name Goodhead says it all. These may be the best flavored lube for you and your partner. The five pack contains Mint, Cinnamon, Cherry, Strawberry, and Passion Fruit. Each flavor numbs your mouth and throat so that you can perform better and longer, while heightening your lover’s sensations. The flavors are great and last for as long as you will need them to.

The only down side to the Doc Johnson Goodhead 5-pack is that the lubes are not meant to be used with toys or internally.

System Jo Cherry Burst

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System Jo offers a wide variety of personal lubricants, but the company’s best flavored lubricant may be Cherry Burst. It has a long lasting flavor that is not overwhelming and does not leave an aftertaste.

The biggest drawback to System JO Cherry Burst is that it leaves a sticky residue. You may only want to use it when you are able to immediately clean up afterward.

Rain 8-Pack

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Rain makes a huge variety of different flavors. Each is light and lasts just as long as you do, so it only makes sense for Rain to offer them in a variety pack. The Rain eight-pack contains vanilla, mint, cola, banana, strawberry, grape, chocolate, and orange.

The main down side to the Rain 8-pack is that each container is only .25 ounces. That is barely enough for one use!

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